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Here at Michael's Fish Room, I tell it like it is! I usually don't hold back what I am think and show you my Basement fish room in a VLOG format. At you can buy the guppy fish and pleco fish I breed for profit. Breeding for profit is how I started and I continue to breed guppies for profit to this day. Besides keeping and breeding for profit guppy fish and pleco fish, I also keep a Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn Cichlid and have a MASSIVE MUTT GUPPY tank!I also do rants and Honest reviews as well as once a month around the world fish room tours. I do LFS tours in every city that I visit and also fish store tour from Japan when I go.Finally, of course some DIY in the fish room as well as how to save money breeding fish.
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Published at 2020, April 05
Auto water change system drain system in Michael's Fish Room.

👀Take a behind the scenes look at my AWC drain system from drilling a fish tank, to adding a bulkhead to the actual drain pipe and sump.

Diamond Hole Saw:

3/4 Black PVC Pipe:
Can't find any!

3/4 Black PVC Elbo:

Black Sealing Tape:


Check out my website to order fish:

If you have any questions or would like to buy any fish, please email me at

By MFR Apparel here:


Breeding for Profit Playlist:


**Products I use or have used in the Fish Room**
API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Tetra 6 in 1 Test Strips (I use these)

Tetra Ammonia Test Strips ( I use these)

Seachem Prime

Seachem Safe

Python Water Change System

Bacto Surge Sponge Filter

Cheap China Sponge

Lee’s Specimen Container


API General Cure

Ich X

Blue Airline Tubing

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