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Michael’s Fish Room

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Hiya Fishy Folks!

Welcome to Michael’s Fish Room.

We’ve gone Dot Com! Now you can purchase tropical fish I have personally bred in the fish room. You’ve seen me talk about tropical fish on my YouTube channel. You’ve talked with me on Facebook. And you’ve tweeted me on Twitter. So where else could I possibly go? Why, MichaelsFishRoom.com of course!

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How about a new website and online store? I know, I can’t believe it either! Michael’s Fish Room is Everywhere! Please have a look around at the stock I have bred in my fish room. It will be an ever changing inventory, so you need to check in often. This is an exciting time for me and I hope it will be for you as well. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and as always, drop me a message to Michaelsfishroom@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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Now you can catch up on the lat Video Blogest from the Michael’s Fish Room channel right here on the website. MichaelsFishRoom.com. Or you can search our video archives to view past episodes by visiting our YouTube Gallery page. Can’t follow me regularly on all of the popular social pages? Why not get caught up whenever you visit us here? We make it easy for you to stay in tune with all the news at MichaelsFishRoom.com. Many thanks to all of my loyal viewers and friends.

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I will do my best to get your order out ASAP, but depending on the weather, I may hold it.

Thank you for understanding! 



I ordered over Labor Day weekend they were shipped out Tuesday and today
€ Thursday
They are in my tank!
I got a trio and a pair and they actually spawned in the fish bag so I already have babies Thank you Michael, you done good!

Donna Kate Morgan

Great fish, fast shipping and

Great fish, fast shipping and awesome customer service! Michael is your man for some high quality fish!

Phil Scott

Gorgeous fish!

I was looking for unique and flashy colored guppies when I ran across Michael’s website a few weeks ago. He offered a nice selection but it was the Tanaka Maple Leaf that sold me on purchasing a pair from him (I will be ordering more of these guys soon). they shipped fast and were packaged nicely with samples of food. Both male and female made the trip, acclimated and so far so good. Female was way smaller than I was expecting BUT that isn’t a big deal. FYI… The photos of these fish on the Internet do NOT do them justice! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am in love with the colors and their activity level.

Megan "The Flaring Betta"
The Flaring Betta

Personal touch

Such an awesome guy to deal with. His communication with each and every customer is what sets him apart from the many, many online and mail order fish vendors out there. It’s that personal touch that makes you feel like one of his “ fishy folks” and not just some nameless transaction. Very helpful and extremely informative I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with Mike.

Terry siegrist

Swordtails galore!

I purchased lyre tail swordtails from Michael and couldn’t be happier! They dropped fry almost immediately after arriving and haven’t stopped since. Sold my first batch to my local fish store this month. Super quality fish and super quality guy in Michael. Thanks Michael!

Matt Graffagnino
Slippery Fish Aquatics

Good looking Pleco’s

Thanks Michael,
Albino Bistlenose Pleco’s showed up in good shape. I was a little worried about the weather but packaged expertly. A little thin but I assume this is due to the fast before ship method. They are already munching on cucumber as we speak.
Thanks again.
Harry Vernon
Motor City Aquarium Society

Harry Vernon

Great blue eye bristlenose!

I recently received the L144 blue eyed bristlenose I ordered. Quick shipping, and great quality. These fish came in very active and all looked really good. Thank you so much!

Michael Trevino

Amazing customer service!

My twin sons and I just recently got into the fish hobby. I confess that I have multiple tank syndrome (3 tanks) and one of my son has started with 1 (with plans to grow). He was so happy we ordered some panda fry for his tank. After a few hiccups, they are now in their new home.
Thank you so very much for working with us to make two boys extremely happy. Your customer service is top rate!

Cristina Siegel

You Can’t Go Wrong

If you haven’t had the opportunity of getting to know Michael and taking advantage of purchasing his fish, you are really missing out. Michael is the real deal, a genuine good guy. Working with Mike on the development of this website has only solidified what I already knew. Once in a blue moon we are lucky enough to meet real people who actually care. This is one of them.

Daniel "Mad Scientist" Anderson

Very Happy

Was looking for strong genetics for a breeding project I am working on. I knew Micheal had such with these beautiful guppies. Shipping was fast anf he answered all my questions in a timely matter. Can’t wait to see what will become of this line. He also threw in an extra fish with my order!

Dila Keller

Beautiful Mutts

I ordered Mutts a few months back and wanted to give a update on how they are doing, they are gorgeous! Packaging was excellent, fast shipping, and Michael responds quickly with any questions you have, amazing customer service! This picture is a male from a batch of fry from a Mutt I got from Michael, he’s gorgeous!

Thanks Michael!

Heather Lovejoy

All around good guy

I ordered a pair of half black red delta guppies from Mike.I was very pleased when i recieved them. They were nothing like your local fish store as far as quality and the way they looked.They were bright and active.You could tell he really cares about his fish and the quality was right up there.
Hes very open to answer any questions u may have.
I will definetly order from him again.

Kathy Bradford

I’ve ordered from Michael twice

I’ve ordered from Michael twice now and I’ll definitely order again. My fish are doing great and Michael goes above and beyond to make sure your fish arrive happy and healthy.

Christy W.


So first I have to say Michael’s customer service is superb. Now he shipped fast and it got to it’s location in like 2 days or so, unfortunately I am in a situation where I had to reship my fish with people who messed up everything. They ended up taking a full 12 days to reach me. When I got them I pulled them out, didn’t know what to expect but they were in perfect health. I got them in the tank and they are doing great right now. I have to say, his guppies are bullet proof.

Elton Veux


Wow, I couldn’t be more pleased. My new additions arrived in wonderful condition and they look smashing. They’re ready for the red carpet. 😉 Super active and gorgeous.

I’m typically leery of ordering fish online, so I’m incredibly relieved this was a great experience.

Thanks Michael!


First timer .

Good looking guppy’s and pleco.

Gerrit J Koops

Our guppies arrived safe and

Our guppies arrived safe and sound, healthy and looked amazing. Michael kept us informed about shipping and they arrived packed wonderful with stickers and samples…. all around awesome!


Beautiful looking fish

Just received my order. Precocious that I ordered Was alive and large. When I first received my invoice it stated small but Mike sent large ones. I was so surprised. I live in California and I don’t normally order fish by mail. I will be a repeat customer.
Thanks Mike for Great Service and good communication.

Michael W. Norberry

06/20/2018, I received four pair

06/20/2018, I received four pair of guppies that I ordered from Mike. All the new guppies were in very good condition and look very nice. They were packaged very well & with care! I appreciate the extras Mike included with the order. It was a pleasure doing business with Mike!

Steve Noffsinger

Best Swordtails Ever

I bought some neon green swordtail fry from Michael. They have grown out to be AWSOME! I got some Platies too. They were added to my community tank and just look great. I highly recommend buying from Michael

Michael Glenn Williams

Gorgeous Mutts

Received my gorgeous Mutts from Michael two days ago. They are truly beautiful and colorful. Hard to believe they are referred to as Mutts. Highly recommend them.

Not only can Michael’s Mutts be seen on his webpage but you can also see them on his YouTube page. Simply type in the search bar….Michael’s Fish Room. You will not only see YouTube videos of his guppy tubs showing beautiful different guppies including the Mutts but you will also see YouTube videos of his Fish Room with other fish he offers.

Packaging was exceptional. The bags were secured in the box with packaging. The bags were air tight with no leakage. Plus there was samples of foods for my fishy friends and a couple Michael’s Fish Room stickers.

Michael is very helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. Highly recommend purchasing from him.

Robin Truitt

Great fish!

I ordered a pair of guppies from Mike that got lost in shipping. I received my package 9 days after shipping and all were alive and well. 9 days in a shipping box! That’s some tough guppies.

Michael Babineaux

The most beautiful betta I have ever seen!

I have purchased the guppy ‘mutts’ and most recently a betta and am very happy with all! The betta is beyond beautiful and now I understand what a ‘quality’ betta looks like after years of buying from big box stores 🙂 . Everything arrived in great shape and all are healthy and thriving. Definitely recommend!


Greatest Guppies in the world!

This was my second order from Michael’s Fish Room. My guppies looked fantastic and were very healthy and active. I would highly recommend ordering from Michael. I also love his videos on YouTube.

Michael Glenn Williams

First Time Buyer

I am a longtime subscriber to micheals you tube channel. First time I bought fish from him. I will buy more in the future Bought a trio of Guppies. All arrived safely and are doing well.
Keep up the great work.

Doug Mazyn

First Time Buying Fish From Michael’s Fish Room

I’ve been a subscriber to Michaels Youtube channel for quite some time. Just an all around awesome guy to deal with. I’m stocking a community tank and ordered some of Michael mutts. He shipped on Monday and I got them on Wednesday. On top of that he shipped extra. Will order again in the future.


Michael Oxford

Another great order!

Ordered some fry and they came in all alive with extras! I have not had any problems with any of the fish I have ordered. Only problem is I need to make more space to order more. Don’t forget to check out his YouTube channel. It is definitely one of my favorites.

Phil Scott

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Hope to hear from you soon


Beautiful and Healthy Fish!

I received my shipment from Michael and my mind was blown about how well the packaging was, fast shipping, and how beautiful and healthy the fish were! If you are thinking about ordering from him this is the type of quality you will get! linked is my unboxing video from michaelsfishroom.com

Thanks again, Michael!

Otter Creek Aquatics

Beautiful Mutts

2day received my order of 5 of Michael’s “Mutt” guppies. They are beautiful. My regret is that I did not order more, but will be doing shortly. I was concerned about the 2 day priority shipping, but the arrived without incident.

Thanks Michael for the beautiful guppies. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Johnny Cruz

Michael is top knotch!

I ordered some guppies from Michael and it was a great experience! His customer service is the the best! His fish are beautiful and I will be ordering again!

Holden Ware
RM Guppies


I ordered 2 sets of mutt guppies and they arrived healthy and hungry! They are so strong they might have made the trip without water…lol
Just a wonderful transaction from start to finish and I highly recommend Michael for anything he currently has. Thank you and I will be ordering again soon!

John Herwald

I’m A first time buyer from Michael

First time buyer from Michael, I bought some amazing Molly fish,,, They arrived on time, looked amazing,very healthy fish, also got some fish food with them, they were very well packaged…. I would advise anyone who is into Fish keeping to buy off Michael.. I had a great First time experience, I will buy more fish from him….. Thanks for all you do Michael…


Just got my red cobra

Just got my red cobra trio and they beautiful and healthy they like there new tank mates thank u Micheal I’m going to be ordering more fish from u soon

Sierra vaughan

Michael is AWESOME!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know how awesome Michael is as well as his fish. He will definitely work with you so you can get the fish you want in a reasonable time. He even met with me in person just so I can get my fish in time. Absolutely amazing guy as well as amazing fish. Already planning a new project and Michael will be helping out with stocking for sure!!

Jared Stevenson

Nice fish.

I ordered 4 pair of Blue Diamond Guppies from Michael’s Fish Room. I received the happy and healthy fish on time. When I opened the box I found a few extra fish in the bag. On top of that there were 3 fry in one of the bags for a total of 13 fish. Very happy with my purchase. Michael was very nice and quick to respond to my 1000 emails I sent him. I can’t wait to get these fish out of quarantine and into a breeding aquarium. Thank you Michael. – Bare Bottom Aquariums.

Jason E Tweedie
Bare Bottom Aquariums

Shopping with Michael

Got a couple pairs of Cobra Guppies from Michael. Quick response, great packaging, and beautiful fish! Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up Michael!!! Thank you!

Ken Clair

Second shipment – 4 types of guppies

Fast shipment – shipped 07/15 PM and received 07/16 AM. Fish where very well packaged in Med. size shipping box. All fish where young and Healthy.


edward costello

Absolutely amazing!!

Arrived in wonderful condition! Extremely fast shipping!! Couldn’t be more pleased! Absolutely beautiful! Exactly as I expected! Ordered three, got 4. Made my day!! I will definitely be coming back for future orders!! Highly recommended!!!

Amanda Wilcox


Michaels fish room is awesome. he offers education videos on how to do stuff correctly and has a nice guppy and pleco collection for sale on his website GO MICHAEL’S FISH ROOM.

Michael Krause

They arrived in good condition

They arrived in good condition and they’re very good looking. the picture doesn’t do them Justice, their Lively. Will not hold still for a good picture.

Eric Webb

Michael Rocks!

Got a couple pairs of Cobra Guppies from Michael. Quick response, great packaging, and Beautiful fish! He even thru in some extras. Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up Michael!!! Thank you!

Ken Clair

Doesn’t get any easier

I emailed Michael about his mollies and sword tails he wanted to sell out of. that was a Friday and by Tuesday i had all the fish 4 bags – 2 boxes! they were all in great shape and his customer service was 5 star! this was the first time I had ever had fish shipped to me and was nervous! Now i am sure i will be a repeat customer!

David Bellman ~ DaBellmanZoo

Michael is Amazing!

Just got my green cobra guppies from Michael. Amazing, beautiful fish, at a very good price! Michael’s customer service is unmatched, as shown by the over 40 back and forth emails full of information he was able to provide for me on deciding on what purchase was best for me. He even held them for a week so we could meet in person to receive the fish, and provided some free food samples so I could see what my fish liked the best. With no doubt can I say I will be buying from Michael again!

Jared DeGraw

Guppies like a Champ!

Michael was awesome to chat with and very knowledgable. My boy and I love his fun videos. Watch them!!
We got some guppies and shipped to us and they all arrived alive and perky…PLUS he threw in some extras. THANK YOU!!
But….what are they 🙂 Michael?
PLUS>>>> He threw is some different varieties of fish food sample bags . We love it.
The fish look healthy and water was clean.
Big Props.

Kevin Levy

First online fish order ever

Having yet to order fish online before I was nervous about it. But Michael is great with communication. I ordered rainbow dragon mosaic dumbo ear guppies. They arrived happy, healthy, and look FANTASTIC! Just as beautiful as his video I first saw them in. I am beyond happy with my order and will order from Michael again.

Pernell Marshall

Nice fish.

I ordered 4 pair of Blue Diamond Guppies from Michael’s Fish Room. I received the happy and healthy fish on time. When I opened the box I found a few extra fish in the bag. On top of that there were 3 fry in one of the bags for a total of 13 fish. Very happy with my purchase. Michael was very nice and quick to respond to my 1000 emails I sent him. I can’t wait to get these fish out of quarantine and into a breeding aquarium. Thank you Michael. – Bare Bottom Aquariums.

Jason E Tweedie
Bare Bottom Aquariums

Best Swordtails Ever

I bought some neon green swordtail fry from Michael. They have grown out to be AWSOME! I got some Platies too. They were added to my community tank and just look great. I highly recommend buying from Michael

Michael Glenn Williams

OUTSTANDING Got what I ordered.

Got what I ordered.
Plan on ordering soon .
Thank You Micahel…

Ben Wilmot

Excellent to deal with!

I ordered a trio and he send me some extra fish plus a lot of sample food. The fish are very active and high quality, it was a pleasure to deal with mike he really is a great guy !! Btw… i orderes from PR and the fish arrived pretty fast .

Juan Roman

Great Customer Service & Speedy Shipping

Michael, from Michael’s Fish Room, was wonderful to work with (we will order again in the future, when we get more tanks, of course.) He answered what probably felt like to him, a million questions from my kids and was helpful in meeting their needs for their various science/aquaculture homeschool (& 4-H) projects. The fish were shipped Monday from the East Coast and arrived safely in South Dakota by mid-day Wednesday, even though we are in a rural location…which is saying something, because when we order baby chickens from a hatchery in Iowa, they take at least 4 days to get here (a place which we could have driven to in a few hours!) We really appreciate the speedy shipping and all of Mike’s attentive customer service.

The fish were all healthy and good looking animals. There were 3 very handsome male guppies among our order of 10 mutts, a couple of stunning colorful females and a handful of plain jane sisters (but that’s okay, that’s just how lady guppies usually are. These plain ladies had different base colors than the ones we got locally, so they should bring in lots of new genetics.)

Rebecca Hunter

Awesomely stupendous

I just got my first order of guppies from Michael’s fish room. Came in well packed. He was very quick to respond to my questions. Great interaction…the fish look great. I will be buying more in future. Tha ks Michael….keep up the great work…keep making more videos….you rock..thanks man, awesome job

James Petrusczak

Great fish!

Michael was quick to respond to my messages and provided amazing customer service. The fish I received look great and he even provided some extras. I would recomend buying from michaels fishroom to anybody wanting top quality fish and great customer service. I look forward to purchasing from Michael again.

Anthony Piraino

Betta Fish

Michael was really great to work with on receiving an awesome looking plakat betta. He was awesome enough to hold the fish after purchase till the weather was warm enough to ship. I will defiantly be buying again.

Matt W

Great customer service and some nice fish too!

Michael gives excellent customer service. He’s been willing to work with me on more than one occasion to adjust his shipping to accommodate my crazy work schedule.

I enjoy ordering his mutt guppies because you never know what you are going to get. His mutts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. My current favorite mutt is a yellow female. She is a color I did not already have and I look forward to seeing what color fry she will give me.

His plecos are gorgeous as well. I have ordered the super reds, albinos, and lemon blue eyed. They’ve all arrived in excellent condition.

I will certainly order from Michael again.

If you haven’t already, check out his YouTube channel. He always makes me laugh.

Ginger Graves


I’m getting a pair of hybrid cichlids called the (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLID👑) the male at 7inches the female 5 ” they’re both south and central america mixed. The male grows up to a large 28 inches the female 23″ they’re both extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely aggressive/territorial/quarrelsome and predatory. They will live in a big castle on the left side of the tank I will add citizen fish like 4 firemouth cichlids, 6 silver hatchet fish, 2 tiger loach catfish. On the right side of the tank it will be dark with red coral trees and a cave with 1 single (evil emperor male texas cichlid👾) NOTE I’m a DEMACRAT ILIKE HYBRID CICHLIDS ALOT. WHO DO YOU THINK IS MORE AGGRESSIVE THE HYBRID PAIR I MENTIONED OR THE texas cichlid.

Wolfman sonic

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