Winter is here in NJ! Most likely I will not be shipping until March. If you order now, I will hold your fish until it is warm enough to ship!

Michaels Fish Room

Have you ever thought about what to do if your power goes out and you have fish tanks? If not…… The first thing is DON’T PANIC! I know that may be hard especially if you are not experienced. The truth Read more…

Greetings and Salutations Citizens! ‘Tis I, Mad Scientist! I know you are thinking to yourself, “self, what is he doing here?” Well that’s okay and perfectly understandable, so please allow me to explain. As many of you know I am Read more…

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How did I do? How to make money selling fish at a local fish club auction. I went to the Bucks County Aquarium Society fish auction and made a ton of money! Therefore, this was a seller auction with low Read more…


Learn about Breeding for Profit! Are you looking for a hardy, easy to breed for profit fish? Then look no farther! Most Guppy Fish from Michael’s Fish Room are prolific breeders! Also, all Guppies from Michael’s Fish Room are raised Read more…


Welcome to my 5K subscriber contest where you can win Fish Freaks Plus Food! Thank you so much for watching my crappy videos and being a subscriber! First I would like to thank two spectacular people: Tyler from Tyler Read more…


Watch as I bag Black Panda Guppy Fish and Japanese Blue Guppies for a customer. I also talk about my 5K subscriber contest **Buy Priscilla MK Artwork Here: **Buy Fish Freaks Plus Food Here:

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